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Vote now for Henning Emergency Clinic of Kindness (H.E.C.K. Dental Clinic) by selecting an emoji below! Winning the $50,000 SimpleGenerosity grant from Valley First, a division of First West Credit Union and Enderby & District Financial, a division of First West CU would allow HECK Clinic to help marginalized individuals, low income families, fixed income seniors, those with Ministry Assistance, as well as the homeless and working poor who reside within the South Okanagan. The clinic provides emergency dental treatment for issues causing pain or infection when lack of finances prevents them from seeking treatment at traditional dental offices. The clinic has been operating since March 2014 and they have treated over 800 patients. This access to services allows patients to receive the emergency care they need so they can return to work sooner and avoid taking addictive ongoing pain medication. Thank you for helping us celebrate Canada150 and strengthening our communities with SimpleGenerosity!