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Staff Spotlight - Tiiu Remmel

Learn more about our team - meet Tiiu Remmel, our Manager of Organizational Development.


Tiiu Remmel

What is your role at Northern Birch Credit Union?

I'm the Manager, Organizational Development

What do you like most about working at Northern Birch Credit Union?

I get to work with a great team of smart, fun and hardworking people. We may be a small organization, but we always have a lot going on.

What's your favourite restaurant or food?

There are too many to choose, but some of my favourite foods are pad thai, coffee ice cream, blueberries and fresh kringel (with marzipan!).

Is there a community group or organization that's near and dear to your heart?

There are so many community groups and organizations that are important but two that are most important to me are Seedrioru summer camp and Kotkajärve guide/scout camp

What's on your bucket list?

I'd like to travel to the arctic to explore the north.

How do you like to spend your weekends and free time? 

I like spending time with my husband and our daughter. We try to get outdoors a lot. Since COVID, I've started baking rye bread and am tackling our backyard gardening more than ever before.