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St. John's Presbyterian Church Food Hamper Program

South Country Co-op Limited has been involved with our Food Hamper program since 2014. This program is part of St. John's Outreach ministry with food hampers, consisting of 16 non-perishable items, being distributed to people in our community. The number of recipients coming to the church asking for food has doubled over the last few years.

South Country Co-Op has been donating the bags that are used for hampers. Members of our congregation donate food and/or funds to purchase groceries. We were unable to offer this service for the better part of 2020 because of restrictions due to Covid. Late in October we were able to restart the program so that every Tuesday, from 10:00 - 12:00 noon, anyone can come to the church and receive a food hamper. We have been able to help about 100 individuals/families within the last two months.

The on-going support of South Country Co-Op enables us to provide this service to members of the community who are the most vulnerable and are in need of help. We are most appreciative of their involvement.