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South Country Co-op helps keep SEASAR in action

Community Need:

SEASAR was established in 1999 and is a non-profit, volunteer-based association devoted to the safety and well-being of the community. Our mission is clear: we respond to the Medicine Hat Police Service, The City of Medicine Hat, Regional RCMP detachments, regional municipalities including Cypress County & Conservation Officers when they require support for searching for lost or missing people, evidence related to investigations, or support related to disaster management.

A good example of the service we provide to the community was visible in this summer as we fully supported the RCMP and Medicine Hat Fire Services in searches for individuals in the South Saskatchewan River, and St. Mary River. Each year, we experience about a dozen active calls, and of course devote many hundreds of hours to training, administration, and fundraising to support operations.

We’re proud to have maintained operational readiness every hour of every day since 1999. Achieving this requires dedicated volunteers, ongoing training, and significant investments in equipment. Our team of approximately 60 volunteers provided over 6,000 hours of service last year alone.

Local Co-op Support:

SEASAR is a 100 percent volunteer organization that receives no operational funding from government. At the same time, we must sustain training and equipment to meet community needs at a moment's notice. Support from community-minded companies and individuals is critical. South County Co-op literally makes it possible to provide operational support to the region.

How You Can Help:

SEASAR welcomes support in many forms. Yes, funding is needed! However, we also need dedicated volunteers to lead and manage the organization, and provide operational support when required. We invite people to visit www.seasar.net to learn more about the organization, our mission, and volunteer opportunities.