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Vauxhall Community Kitchen Renovation on the way!

Community Need:

Our organization has addressed the need to renovated our Vauxhall Community Hall Kitchen with the support of the Co-op. Our Community Hall Kitchen was outfitted in the 1970's and it was in great need of and update, as our Hall is the heart of our community and surrounding area. These renovations will allow our kitchen to be much more energy efficient as well as meeting all current health and safety standards/requirements. Our Community Hall is also our evacuation facility and with these renovations it will be ready and able to be a safe facility to host our members during such an event.

Local Co-op Support:

The support we have received from Co-op is greatly appreciated and has helped the Community of Vauxhall reach the goal to start the renovations of the Community Hall Kitchen. Without this support it would have taken much longer for this project to be able to commence.

How You Can Help:

We are fundraising for the Vauxhall Hall Community Hall Kitchen renovation project and we currently have a 50/50 fundraiser that is taking place until November 30th, 2020. Tickets can be purchased by contacting us by phone or email 403-894-0923 or vauxhallag@gmail.com. The proceeds from this fundraising event will go towards this renovation project and will greatly benefit our entire community. You can also follow the Vauxhall Ag Society on Facebook, for all of our event information.