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When the world shuts down and you don’t know how you’re going to keep filling the gaps in poverty relief when everyone is in the same boat, your community steps up.

When we had to cancel our biggest fundraiser of the year, we had to get creative and we needed some serious hands on deck to make that happen.

Wow. Did they ever step up.

We are so excited to announce the lineup of speakers for our inaugural @stayathomegala as well as our incredible line up of private chefs!

Thank you to:

Our MC @caseyclarke (has been MC since first event in 2015)


Entertainment by Honourary Mama and country music icon, @aaronpritchett

We can’t wait to hear your inspiring words while safe at home in our Bubbles. Ideally sitting back relaxing with your very own private chef!

We are so excited to have found a way to still host a pandemic-safe event, giving our friends and supporters the chance to be part of the change we need in this world.

Get your tickets now and check out our list of absolutely incredible chefs available for auction starting today (closes October 31st).
@table_fortynine @jimmyjamesm @jameschefypoo @chefskinner @kai.koroll @mathewmorazain @chefrobertjewell And Cornell Fisher who “doesn’t do social media”

To complement your incredible culinary creation, with each private chef comes a case of paired @sandhillwines from our incredible title wine sponsor.

Thank you to every single person making this event a success. It truly takes a village.

“Unless somebody like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better it’s not”

Thank you all for caring an awful lot, can’t wait to see you all on Nov 14th!

#MamasForMamas #MamasGala2020 #stayathomegala #jillianharris #birdspapaya #jesstetu #drjodycarrington #noMamaLeftBehind