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In the last few months the requests for help have gone through the roof.
Like more than a 100% increase...

Families who used to bring us donations are now coming to us for help, for food and diapers and in some cases emergency subsidy to avoid losing their homes.

It’s been hard to keep the shelves stocked during regular times let alone recently, so we put a call out to our community for help.

Wow. Did you all ever show up in force. Individuals, friends, companies, couples and local heroes of every kind stepped up to help us fill the massive gap in poverty relief support with, and for us.

Thank you just doesn’t seem enough, but thank you anyway.

The tears were flowing freely, from staff, donors and mama clients alike.

The relief was palpable.

Thank you for helping us keep kids fed, clothed, housed and loved during this very strange and difficult time. You’ve been the silver lining to the cloud of COVID 19 since day one, and we couldn’t imagine doing this crazy life without all of you.

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