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Some pretty big and exciting things happening in our world! We just celebrated a huge milestone with @modernpurair and their foundation @purkidsfoundation who have donated over $62,000 since May 2019! This is thanks to the most recent surprise $8000 donation we now get to spread across the 16 communities we support through this partnership.

We have also launched our first edition of our monthly newsletter, the Kindness Chronicle. Huge love to our new national HR coordinator, Anisha for spearheading this awesome project to showcase our incredible partners-and to ALL of team Mamas for making it happen.

This is community.

This is contagious compassion.

This is what will continue to bridge the divide.

This is what will bring hope back to so many who are having a hard time imagining how to get through tomorrow.

This is a small sample of stories of lives changed through this partnership.

This is what 1% can do to change the lives of your neighbours.

This is also a clip of Shannon doing her first presentation in 10 months 😂 For anyone who thinks it’s perfect every time, think again!

Reminder- your support does not need to be financial, lend hand when you can, I promise it’ll make a difference.

How do you give your 1%?

#MamasForMamas #purkids #bethechange #modernpurair #contagiouscompassion #kelowna #bc #canada