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Seeing our message reassuring one young woman it's okay to having feelings absolutely rocked our world.⠀

In fact, it brought me to tears when Melissa asked her daughter, Sienna Summer-Day, "how are you feeling today?"⠀

Our kids need us; they need us to be vulnerable, to share, laugh, and grow with them. To be honest and have real, one on one conversations.⠀

This tee + the exciting products that come along with The 'Playful Healing' Collection are our way of reminding one another to keep the conversation going. Keep checking in. Keep talking.⠀

It's time to #endthestigma .. because no matter your age, mental health affects us all 🙌🖤⠀
Shop The 'Playful Healing' Collection 👉 https://youarecollective.ca/collections/new-the... 👈 ⠀

Proceeds from this collection will be distributed via #1MillionCampaign to Childhood Connections program for FREE child therapy services 💙💚💛❤️