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We are a Canadian-based mental health and illness awareness social enterprise. We focus on empowering apparel and sharing lived experiences to create a community where everyone ...
Environmental stewardship
Our commitment to the environment is something we take very seriously and follow through on this by using 100% recycled shipping products, eliminate unnecessary waste and products from our operations, and invest in high quality goods made from sustainable materials.
We're committed to giving back to the community!
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West Kelowna, British Columbia
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  • Environment

  • Health & Well-being

  • Mental Health

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Social Mission
We believe in community over competition in every aspect of our business. We thoughtfully curate our apparel in Kelowna, BC to help keep the conversation going because we see the value in sharing and connecting. We host community events like Safe Spaces, an open mic mental health night, and YAC AT US Workshops to share our personal experiences living with mental illness and different tools and resources available to cope.
Organizations we support
Canadian Mental Health Association Kelowna
Third Space
Foundry Kelowna
Stories of our community involvement
Join us TOMORROW at the Tourism Kelowna Visitor Center downtown!

We'll be enjoying the rainbow photo ops + celebrating both our collaborative 'Pride 2020' and 'Made in YLW' Collections from 10-4PM 🌈🎉

We can't wait to see you - at a physical distance - to support YMCA of Okanagan Association + Etcetera through the sale of these collections 👏

#endthestigma #pride2020 #supportlocal
Did you know you can use your The Local Gift Card to purchase our apparel online and in Tourism Kelowna !?

Sarah, the brilliant woman behind TLGC, has created an online market for individuals to be able to use their gift cards wherever, whenever and support some super rad local businesses🙌

Hop on over to 👉 the-local-market.ca 👈 to shop until you drop!! Or y'know .. shop from your bed so you're already horizontal 🛍️🤪
It's time to #endthestigma.⁣

Thanks to The 86 Project + The Sage Sunflower you can take your first step tomorrow night!⁣

Help keep the conversation going and join us for an evening of learning and sharing to maintain positive mental health in the service industry.⁣

Mental health affects all of us. Let's break down the barriers and finally get some tools to take care of it proactively 🙌🖤 Can't wait to share our resources with you!!⁣
Link to tickets 👉 https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/maintaining-positiv... 🎟️ September 14th, 6PM @ REC Fitness
THIS FRIDAY, 10-4 PM Tourism Kelowna 👋🛍️.. see you there or?⠀

Join us for our first ever pop-up at the Visitor Center downtown on Queensway showcasing our exciting summer collections offered Tourism Kelowna including Pride 2020 and Made In YLW 🎉🖤⠀ ⠀

Did you know $5 from each tee + $1 from each canvas bag from The 'Made In YLW' Collection go to YMCA of Okanagan to help individuals of all ages and backgrounds reach for physical and mental health in their lives🙌❤️🖤

Come check out our impactful community collections and connect with the faces behind the organizations and collaborations Friday September 18th from 10-4PM!
How are you and Michael doing?⠀

We are so grateful to have people in our lives who ask this question, who check-in. It's so important for our mental health and I'm sure, many others.⠀

I can't lie, the answer is constantly changing. So today, we're good. I'm doing really well, working very intensively on my mental wellness and finding what works for me 🖤⠀

Michael is content. He's happy about where he is and isn't feeling suicidal 💛⠀

All it can take is a few simple words, and for you to mean it, to change someone's thought patterns or get them through a tough time. How are you doing? ⠀

Did someone say .. POP-UP!?⠀

Join us for our first ever pop-up market at Tourism Kelowna to celebrate our exciting summer collections including Pride 2020 and Made In YLW 🎉🖤⠀

Etcetera Youth + The Bridge Youth & Family Services will be joining us on-site Friday, September 18th, for a pride themed tent and safely distanced photo ops!! ⠀

Did you know proceeds from our #Pride2020 Collection go to Etcetera to ensure a safe space for LGBTQ2IA+ and their allies to feel supported + celebrated 🎉🎉🌈⠀

Learn more about the incredible things these local initiatives are doing in our community + help #supportlocal, see you Friday September 18th from 10-4PM!
Honoured to be joining The Eighty Six Project for their FIRST EVER event alongside The Sage Sunflower on Monday, September 14th 🥳🥰🖤

#Repostfrom: @theeightysixproject
• • • • • •

SAVE THE DATE‼️Monday, September 14th 6pm

Mark your calendars, book your babysitter, and clear your Monday night schedule. You are not gonna want to miss this one. We are EXTREMELY pumped to talk mental health 🧠
Our good friend and mental health coach @the_sage_sunflower is gonna join us in an interactive, eye opening discussion, on mental health struggles in the industry. How do i get proactive about my mental health?? How does it affect different parts of my life? What do I do and who do I talk to if I’m strugglin’? All the questions will he answered, no holds barred. WE ARE GETTING OUR SHIT TOGETHER.
📲📲CONTINUED ON INSTAGRAM: https://lnkd.in/gPuyue2
We talk a lot about how counselling has been a helpful resource for us.⠀

Our entire #1MillionCampaign is based upon it!

But the truth is ⠀

It's not for everyone.⠀

No, that cookie-cutter stereotype you see is not for you. It's not for anyone.⠀

What we don't always talk about and what we don't always see is what counselling and therapy can also include... for example: ⠀

-talk therapy⠀
-music therapy⠀
-group therapy⠀
-breath work⠀
-family counselling⠀
-CBT training⠀
-immersion therapy⠀
-support groups and forums⠀
-art therapy⠀
-play therapy⠀
-and so much more!⠀

Find the right fit, including Pearce and other local counsellors who work WITH you, by browsing The Local Counselling Card directory complete with detailed personal bios 👏🖤

👉👉 www.counsellingcard.com
It's been a while since we shared an update on our personal mental health journeys.⠀

And by a while I mean a YEAR .. so grab some popcorn 🍿 and strap in for my latest installment of Rebecca's Journey To A Healthier Well-being (Part 4)⠀

Our journey with YAC began as a platform to share our stories and experiences, it remains such an important piece to us .. to be transparent and keep the conversation going as authentically as we can.⠀

These 12 months have been .. well .. you'll read about it in the blog 👇👇⠀

👉 https://youarecollective.ca/blogs/yac-community... 👈

#endthestigma #mentalhealthjourney
Seeing our message reassuring one young woman it's okay to having feelings absolutely rocked our world.⠀

In fact, it brought me to tears when Melissa asked her daughter, Sienna Summer-Day, "how are you feeling today?"⠀

Our kids need us; they need us to be vulnerable, to share, laugh, and grow with them. To be honest and have real, one on one conversations.⠀

This tee + the exciting products that come along with The 'Playful Healing' Collection are our way of reminding one another to keep the conversation going. Keep checking in. Keep talking.⠀

It's time to #endthestigma .. because no matter your age, mental health affects us all 🙌🖤⠀
Shop The 'Playful Healing' Collection 👉 https://youarecollective.ca/collections/new-the... 👈 ⠀

Proceeds from this collection will be distributed via #1MillionCampaign to Childhood Connections program for FREE child therapy services 💙💚💛❤️
We're committed to giving back to the community!
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West Kelowna, British Columbia
Causes we care about

Top company causes

  • Environment

  • Health & Well-being

  • Mental Health