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Logo of You Are CollectiveYou Are Collective
We are a Canadian-based mental health and illness awareness social enterprise. We focus on empowering apparel and sharing lived experiences to create a community where everyone ...
Environmental stewardship
Our commitment to the environment is something we take very seriously and follow through on this by using 100% recycled shipping products, eliminate unnecessary waste and products from our operations, and invest in high quality goods made from sustainable materials.
We're committed to giving back to the community!
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West Kelowna, British Columbia
Causes we care about

Top company causes

  • Environment

  • Health & Well-being

  • Mental Health

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Social Mission
We believe in community over competition in every aspect of our business. We thoughtfully curate our apparel in Kelowna, BC to help keep the conversation going because we see the value in sharing and connecting. We host community events like Safe Spaces, an open mic mental health night, and YAC AT US Workshops to share our personal experiences living with mental illness and different tools and resources available to cope.
Organizations we support
Foundry Kelowna
Third Space
Canadian Mental Health Association Kelowna
Stories of our community involvement
Did you get your apparel from You Are Collective and Cyan Bold Design’s collaborative Pride 2020 Collection!?

We owe you a BIG THANK YOU! $1,095.06 has been donated from the collection’s proceeds to help support Etcetera’s weekly meetings.

We’re so grateful for our community’s support of our awesome Glitter Critters!
Being part of the Made In YLW campaign + collection so far has shown us such unity and togetherness from this sensational community 🖤

These times are challenging for so many, constantly changing, but something that hasn't wavered is our deep love for collaboration + need for community.

We're unbelievably grateful for those organizations working overtime, pushing hard, adjusting on the fly and continuing to provide the utmost care and attention to those needing support. We see you + we appreciate you. Together, we've got this 🙌🖤 YMCA of Okanagan Association
When Zoë started a conversation by putting her tee on and sharing her feelings as being loved, happy, and sassy we knew we had to keep the conversation going with you too!

Grab your 'Ask Me How I Feel' tee by heading to 👉 - proceeds to Childhood Connections FREE child life therapy program!
The one thing you're definitely not, is alone.

Mental illness can be so isolating. Your mind INSISTS you're the only one feeling this way and sometimes, it would be better off for everyone if you weren't around.

We promise you, it's not. It's not better off.

We know sometimes the feelings and emotions can be so huge, even debilitating. And yet other times we can feel completely empty.

We promise you, especially in these times, you're not alone.

So often it seems like one step forward and two steps back. Mental illness can come from out of nowhere and knock you on your ass.

We promise you, it gets better and every single day you're moving forward no matter what. You've got this, and we're 100% in your corner cheering you on 🎉🖤
The first donation from the 'Playful Healing' Collection has officially been made!

Thanks to YOU, we're breaking down barriers.
Thanks to YOU, we're providing services.
Thanks to YOU, we're ending the stigma one conversation at a time.

Shop our collaborative collection ( with Childhood Connections where proceeds are donated to their Playful Healing program to provide FREE child therapy to those in need 💙💚💛❤️
When do you wear your BRAVE?

We've heard ... during tough days, for epic snowy adventures, to counselling, and times when a little extra confidence is needed.
Make sure to tag us in your #YouAreCollective pics to be featured! 🤗🖤
Oh 2020, what a wild ride!

Since YOU, our community, absolutely showed up for us this last year we can't wait to share the love in return. Stay tuned to our social media accounts for updates, news, and exciting launches!!
When we get reminders like these + little notes from you, please know they help us get closer and closer to feeling that 100%!!

Sending soooo much love back!! Hoping you're enjoying some rest + refilling that cup this season. If you do ever need support + we're not around, Kids Help Phone always will be. And nah, they're not only for kids. We use them any time, any day by texting 686868 💙
What an absolute privilege to stand alongside these women creating such powerful change and collaboration in our community.

A great big shoutout to April from Purkids Foundation for recognizing the need + contributing an incredible donation to The Local Counselling Card in support of our community partner, Central Okanagan Elizabeth Fry Society.

This counselling card donation will help to support those who are reaching out to access trauma therapy. Learn more about how you can help support at!
A huge thank you to City Councillor Loyal Woolridge, and You Are Collective , for donating $4,700 from their Made in YLW campaign to our cause. Their teams created products to inspire the choice to support local businesses, generating cash flow for Kelowna businesses who have been struggling during the pandemic, and donated a portion of each item to the Y.

“It was the perfect time to donate the proceeds of the Made in YLW campaign, topped up by the Adele Anne Foundation,” said Councillor Loyal. “The Adele Anne Foundation is a legacy fund my sister and I created when our mother, Adele passed. It’s a way of continually honouring her values by supporting our communities most vulnerable children and families. We know the key to recovery, is empowering our younger generation and hope this gift will make an impact on the lives of our future leaders.”

“This community partnership and initiative has further fostered our belief in the power and value of coming together- especially in times of crisis” said Rebecca Steinhubl, Co-Founder of You Are Collective.
We're committed to giving back to the community!
View the Pledge
West Kelowna, British Columbia
Causes we care about

Top company causes

  • Environment

  • Health & Well-being

  • Mental Health