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We are a Canadian-based mental health and illness awareness social enterprise. We focus on empowering apparel and sharing lived experiences to create a community where everyone ...
Environmental stewardship
Our commitment to the environment is something we take very seriously and follow through on this by using 100% recycled shipping products, eliminate unnecessary waste and products from our operations, and invest in high quality goods made from sustainable materials.
We're committed to giving back to the community!
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West Kelowna, British Columbia
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We believe in community over competition in every aspect of our business. We thoughtfully curate our apparel in Kelowna, BC to help keep the conversation going because we see the value in sharing and connecting. We host community events like Safe Spaces, an open mic mental health night, and YAC AT US Workshops to share our personal experiences living with mental illness and different tools and resources available to cope.
Organizations we support
Canadian Mental Health Association Kelowna
Foundry Kelowna
Third Space
Stories of our community involvement
If you're wondering where to put the rest of your holiday budget ~ these #MensMentalHealth campaigns will do!!

We gathered up as many as we could find of some local advocates + organizations who are running campaigns this #Movember2020!

Check them out in our brand NEW blog👉 https://lnkd.in/gmPSCv8
How Does The #1MillionCampaign Work?

The short version: like tentree but instead of planting trees, we fund counselling sessions.

We created this campaign at You Are Collective to help provide support to a variety of grassroots mental health organizations across Canada. We partner with entrepreneurs, businesses, charities and initiatives in the mental health community to create empowering apparel collections, programs, resources, and greater access to services. A minimum of 10% of all money earned as a social enterprise from Apparel, Events, Donations, and Workshops is then donated quarterly to our community partners through The #1MillionCampaign.

We track our numbers diligently + share them with you and our community partners monthly🗓️ Help us keep the conversation going + consider donating to the #1MillionCampaign this GivingTuesday 🙌🎁🖤
It's been a dream of ours to get to work with our local Central Okanagan Elizabeth Fry Society since we first connected.

Now - it's a reality. We can't wait to get to work on making counselling more accessible + affordable for those in need - together 🙌🖤

Repost from EFry:
• • • • • •

We are SO excited to announce a new way you can support survivors of sexual assault in our community!

We're joining forces with The Local Counselling Card , an incredible community initiative built by The Local Gift Card & You Are Collective !
The goal: To make counselling more affordable for those in need.

The unfortunate reality is that our counselling waitlist for survivors of sexual assault has only continued to grow. These are not easy times we're all navigating, but if we work together, we CAN help those on waitlists get the counselling they need. ❤

Watch for details on how you can make a big impact by gifting a survivor a Counselling Card for #GivingTuesday coming up next week!
Holiday Grab Bags 🎁🖤

We are so grateful to have collaborated on a variety of collections this year with some extraordinary community partners - we thought you might wanna celebrate with us 💁🎉

Enter our Holiday Grab Bags - curated bundles with pieces from our different collections! Here's how it'll work:

- because of our limited stock there are less than 20 bundles available🛍️
- they will be shipped out within 24 hours of you ordering📨
- they will be organized by size + value (bigger bundles = more items👕)
- you're saving big 💸 while supporting The #1MillionCampaign + empowering your community (you rock)

Please make sure you're signed up for our newsletter at www.youarecollective.ca so you don't miss these goodie bags going LIVE 😍 Thank you so much for supporting local, small business this holiday season 🤗🎉
Part Two in our #Movember2020 blog series! Highlighting some incredible organizations and foundations across Canada that are doing the WORK for Men's Mental Health. Including a few in the Okanagan!

Take a look through these initiatives + let us know if we missed anyone!

Read The Full Blog: youarecollective.ca/blogs
The holidays are coming in HOT🔥 this year + we'd love to make it under your tree! Well. Maybe not us, but our products.

A little + loving reminder to get your orders for Christmas in before NEXT FRI to guarantee arrival for Santa's debut 🎅🎁

Stay tuned for our Holiday Grab Bags as well that will be ready to ship as soon as they're launched 🙌🖤

www.youarecollective.ca 🛒
This time last year looked a lot different.

We were able to be in person, attending different events and panels for #Movember and bringing awareness to men's mental health.

We learned so much from listening to other people - their stories and experiences and wanted to make sure we didn't lose that this year.

I wanted to share my perspective from the outside looking in, but also provide you with some extraordinary Men's Mental Health Advocates, Organizations, Campaigns, and Support so please enjoy Part 1 of a blog series celebrating #Movember2020!!

Read it HERE: https://youarecollective.ca/blogs/yac-community...
Why Did We Create #1MillionCampaign?

To be able to provide impactful mental health services to anyone and everyone across Canada.

When there are so many rad opportunities our there to support mental health, it's hard to define how you want to best provide for your community. So we got personal, we reflected on our mental health journeys and the gaps and challenges as well as the resources available. We listened to our community and heard a need.

The #1MillionCampaign was created out of living experience to support a variety of local, community organizations offering inclusive traditional and non-traditional counselling and mental health services.
Learn more about how you can get involved by clicking the link 📲 trellis.org/the-1000000-campaign!
"My best friend bought me this when I started trauma therapy 7 months ago."

This collection and our YAC Apparel have made impact beyond our wildest dreams.

Thank you SO MUCH for sharing your stories with us + taking us along for your journeys - it's an absolute honour.
Tap the link 👉 www.youarecollective.ca/collections to browse all our collections ☺️🖤
Getting to say "I actually have a resource for that!" has been my all time favourite thing about creating The Local Counselling Card.

A one step directory where all counsellors are:

✔️ Offering free consultations

✔️ Vetted to align with community values + ensure they are registered with a regulatory body and thus qualified to offer clinical services

✔️ Offering low fee therapy

✔️ Registered to accept TLCC (put it on your Christmas list🎁)

✔️ Interested in providing access to affordable and impactful counselling (while reducing neverending waitlists📋)
This is Davis 👏 one of our newest counsellors to www.counsellingcard.com!
We're committed to giving back to the community!
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West Kelowna, British Columbia
Causes we care about

Top company causes

  • Environment

  • Health & Well-being

  • Mental Health