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Powell River -
First Credit Union & Insurance is very excited to support the Powell River Creative Economy and Innovation Initiative with a $2,500.00 donation in support of the work they are doing within the community. The PR Creative Economy and Innovation Initiative seeks to respond to Powell River’s growing innovation demands by mapping potential growth opportunities in the existing cultural sector and creating viable strategies for a community-based innovation/co-working hub. The initiative acts as a space holder and conversation convener between entrepreneurs, makers, techies, artists and cultural innovators in the creative economy, with the intention of becoming the catalyst for the creation of a physical hub-space. Powell River is uniquely positioned with opportunities for an unparalleled creative and innovative economy. In support of this, the PR Creative Economy and Innovation Initiative gather conversations in the community and translate them into accessible information for the development of a community-based innovation hub that will act as the focal point for the creative economy to gather and grow. The long-term outcome of this process is to foster the growth of a responsive entrepreneurial culture that creates impact and sustainable solutions in response to ongoing challenges, while also creating the opportunity for new jobs and business growth. The PR Creative Economy and Innovation Initiative will seek to ensure that current and future entrepreneurs, along with artists and cultural innovators will be able to continue influencing, contributing and building the Creative Economy in Powell River. Find out more about this remarkable organization & project here: http://prinnovationhub.com/