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First Credit Union & Insurance

117 employees on Do Some Good
  • 4448A Marine Avenue
  • Powell River, British Columbia
    V8A 2K2

About us

First Credit Union is the oldest credit union in BC, incorporated in 1939. We are proud of our history; over 75 years ago we started in Powell River with a handful of members and less than $10 on deposit. Today, we serve over 10,000 members with more than $300 million in assets. First Credit Union now has five credit union branches, as well as five insurance offices that serve over 40,000 clients in Powell River, the Comox Valley, Bowen Island and Texada Island.

What we believe in

First Credit Union is a community-owned financial institution where every member is a shareholder.
When your customers are your shareholders, it changes the way you run your business. We don’t ever have to choose between what’s best for our business, what’s best for our community, or what’s best for our members; they are one and the same. This is the cooperative advantage, and the foundation of our organization.
Organizations We Support
  • What people are saying about us
    Dale LawsonPowell River & District United Way

    @First Credit Union & Insurance continually raises the bar for corporate responsibility in our community. The support received for a wide range of projects throughout the community continues to provide inspiration, innovation and excitement about all that is possible. First Credit Union & Insurance makes our community a better place live, thank you for all that you do!

    Picture of Coordinator Success By 6 B ZrobackLogo of Success By 6 Powell River
    Coordinator Success By 6 B ZrobackSuccess By 6 Powell River

    On a provincial level, Credit Unions of BC is a huge partner of Success By 6! But on a Community, level Powell River First Credit Union has also Supported Success By 6 and the ORCA Bus Project since it's inception! They too believe that building strong children will create strong adults. Over the years they have donated funds, supported our coordinator as a partner, provided space for the Little Green Book Shelf, employees have volunteered their own time, and so so so much more! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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    Causes we care about
    Health & Well-being
    Youth Development
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    • Environment
    • Sports and Recreation
    • Community and Economic Development
    • Animal Welfare


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