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Less video games, more meaningful conversations changes lives of at risk youth

Supporting the needs of the next generation of Kelowna’s vulnerable and at risk youth is a challenge that volunteers at Elevation Outdoors commit to daily. Elevation Outdoors gives approximately 75 vulnerable youth each year, the chance at a brighter future. Youth ages 12-18 years participate in a various challenging outdoor programs such as sailing, mountain biking, snowboarding and rock climbing. These programs are designed to mentor vulnerable youth through sport skills, life concepts, steer them out of harms way and into good health by helping them gain more self-confidence, learn about job and career opportunities in sports and develop lasting friendships.

Less video games and more self-confidence is the story of young man who completed all four programs. This young man was addicted to video games, not physically active and had low self-esteem. After completing the programs he is much healthier, he has lost weight and purchased his own bike. He is volunteering as a bike mechanic and his self-esteem is through the roof. He loved the program so much he’s returned to the mountain bike program a second time around to further develop his skills and pursue his new passion.

Elevation Outdoors has had many siblings enroll in their programs. “To see the bond between two brothers grow is beautiful”, says Mike Greer, Executive Director at Elevation Outdoors. A family of four siblings in foster care went through the program. Two of the brother’s from the family enrolled in the bike program with each other; the eldest brother told Elevation Outdoors that due to the program his relationship with his brother improved. The brothers now share a passion, have more to talk about and have become closer. A bond that can only grow stronger.

Elevation Outdoors offers many exciting mentorship and sponsorship opportunities. Change a life. Be a leader. To learn more and see volunteer opportunities visit