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Elevation Outdoors

  • P.O. Box 20071 Towne Centre
  • Kelowna, British Columbia
    V1Y 9H2


About us

Elevation's mission is to enhance the lives of underprivileged youth via participation in specially designed outdoor sports programs; and to help youth develop lasting passion for these sports while drawing parallels to life through the experience and learning life skills along the way.
All programs are to be offered to eligible youth free of charge as Elevation Outdoors believes that no young person should be denied the potential to discover an outdoor sport or pursuit that can help keep him or her motivated, healthy, and happy in life!
Elevation facilitates programs through the spring, summer and winter months that teach youth to snowboard, mountain bike, sail and rock climb.

What we believe in

We work to strengthen our community by working to improve the lives of Kelowna's most at risk and in need youth through exposure to new outdoor experiences and activities while integrating life lessons along the way.
We work with the following Organizations
  • Employees from these businesses volunteer with us:

  • Causes we care about
    Youth Development
    Sports and Recreation
    Positions and Events
    Get a Grip Program Volunteers

    Ongoing, May 16th to Jun 17th, 2019
    Provide mentorship and skills for patricipants to be able to develop a life long passion for the outdoors
    Apply within 1mo.


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