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Picture of Graham Jenkins

Graham Jenkins, Thanks for Doing Some Good!

What inspires you to volunteer?

I think for most people who have dedicated their lives to helping people, especially in health care, volunteering is an extension of who we are. We volunteer because it's the right thing to do. For me it was instilled from a young age that we are put on the planet to help each other. At Lighthouse Chiropractic we look for any excuse to get out into our community and help people who might be suffering. Short answer? People matter, and if I can help I think it's my responsibility to get out there and help them.

Which cause(s) are you most passionate about and why?

I'm most passionate about people's long term health and success. I really feel that most people are trying hard to be healthy, but many have either been given the wrong information or have never had proper training on how they can look after themselves better. Most people have lowered their expectations for their health to the level of their experience or blame genetics. I believe that with the proper support, coaching and health professionals that build relationship on mutual trust and respect, people can live much healthier and longer lives. That's my goal, to help people live to 100+ in great health :)

What impact have you seen the organization(s) you work with, and their volunteers, make in the community?

When we partner with organizations like Metro Community, The Okanagan Rail Trail Initiative, Glow Juicery or Summerhill Winery we know that we are working with organizations that share a common passion for bettering our community. Whither it's helping the underprivileged, promoting healthy, active families or just supporting other like minded for profit businesses (that do good work) our impact is super tangible. We help people get well and stay well, and teach them how not to get themselves into health crisis again. You can't get any more practical than that. Even our donations to The Salvation Army Central Okanagan Christmas campaign help families in times of need. There are so many practical impacts that these organizations have in our community, it's hard to put them all into words.

What support is needed by the organization(s) and how can people learn more or get involved?

Other than the practical need or financial support, I think one of the ways we all can be helpful is to let the people working in these organizations know that they are appreciated. Yes, show up and do some time helping out, write the cheques they need to continue to do their good work but don't forget how far a "thank you, keep up the good work" goes for people in the trenches. Join Volinspire and check out all the worth while charities and opportunities in our community and just sign up, don't think about it, just sign up and volunteer.

Is there a person, organization or good company (e.g. employer) you would like to recognize that has helped support you to make a difference?

An obvious choice is Laurence East, who is the lead pastor at Metro Community, a local organization dedicated to helping the underprivileged and disadvantaged in Kelowna. I'd also like to acknowledge Kathleen Treadgold and her staff at Glow Juicery in Kelowna for always being ready to help us out when we do a fundraiser or an event to promote a local cause. They have helped us several times bring a fundraiser to life. Also my own team at Lighthouse Chiropractic here in Kelowna, because when I come up with a crazy idea to support someone or something in our community they are ready and willing to give up an evening or a Saturday to support the cause:) So thanks Dr. Ken Adams, Jenna Cooper, Jeff Kouwenhoven our Kinesiologist and Megan Naka; they are a tremendous team and are willing to roll up their sleeves and help out anytime, anywhere. I couldn't do it without them.