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Fundraise & increase donations

Do you know of a local business who might be interested in learning more? Double your donations within the first year of fundraising simply be referring us to other businesses in the community. Learn more by accessing our Referral Program Toolkit below:

Recruit, manage & recognize volunteers & donors

  • Recognize and reward top volunteers; give testimonials and endorse skills
  • Recruit volunteers with specialized skill-sets
  • Easily create events and post positions; 1-click sign-up for volunteers
  • Access a list of interested volunteers; conduct outreach campaigns
  • Increase reach: friends, family and colleagues can be invited to participate

Track collective impact & communicate with your supporters

  • No more spreadsheets! Automate the tracking of volunteer hours
  • Use your dashboard to measure your volunteers' impact & engagement
  • Real-time messaging with volunteers or groups
  • Invite and connect with new or existing volunteers, businesses and donors

Increase awareness of your cause

  • Showcase your organization's profileand the impact you make
  • Gain exposure from new donors & supporters
  • Empower volunteers to share your story
  • Integrates with your social media accounts

Strengthen relationships with businesses

  • Engage donors and businesses in events and volunteer activities
  • Recognize businesses using testimonials
  • Endorse skills of employees

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