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Innov8 Digital Solutions Inc.

2 employees on Do Some Good
    • 809 Finns Road
    • Kelowna, British Columbia

    What we believe in

    As one of our 8 Pillars, it has always been important for Innov8 to have an engaged, strong local presence in the communities we operate. To us, this doesn't mean to just live and play where we work. It's much more than that. As a company, we feel strongly about supporting the people and communities around us. We feel blessed to be able to live and work in such beautiful places and to be able to support these important causes that play a part in strengthening the communities around us.
    Organizations We Support
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    Deborah KlassenKaris Support Society

    Innov8 Digital Solutions supports Karis Support Society in both our operations and in our programing. The Innov8 team not only ensures our office staff have what they need when it comes to copying and printing, they have also contributed financially to various Karis resident programs which directly support our recovery program. Thanks Innov8 for your support.

    Causes we care about
    Health & Well-being
    Mental Health
    Philanthropy and Capacity Building


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