Karis Support Society

  • 550 Rowcliffe Ave
  • Kelowna, British Columbia

About us

Karis Support Society contributes to genuine social transformation in the Okanagan Valley by providing a safe home, support throughout recovery, and life skills development for people struggling with life altering addictions and mental health conditions. Karis exists within the continuum of charitable organizations that provide social services for vulnerable individuals living in Kelowna. Karis is devoted to establishing a welcoming, safe and trustworthy environment where strength can develop.

We work with the following Businesses and Organizations

  • Causes we care about

    Family Care
    Housing and Homelessness
    Social Services

    Positions and Events

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    Computer Support

    Karis Support Society, Kelowna
    Ongoing, Jan 17th to Apr 5th, 2019
    Offer practical computer support for staff and residents in residential addictions recovery program
    Mental Health
    Social Services
    Apply within 1mo.


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