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What People are Saying About Us

Read some of the kind words that community members and organizations are saying about BigSteelBox.

Rachel WormsbecherNorthern Saskatchewan International Children's Festival

BigSteelBox has been an amazing supporter of the Festival! Ample space to store all our material is always an issue and can be incredibly pricy. Their support as a sponsor has really been a game-changer for us and I can't say enough about how professional and wonderful they are to deal with!

Megan GullenMamas for Mamas

At Mamas for Mamas we are always looking for storage lockers in our different branches so that we can store items for families in need. Our most recent branch was unable to secure a storage locker, but with the help of BigSteelBox we were able to find an even better solution. Thanks to BigSteelBox we were able to create a small storage unit at one of our volunteers houses. Now we will be able to help families in Nanaimo get the basic necessities they need as soon as the call comes in. We love to partner with companies like BigSteelBox because they truly help us build a stronger community together!

Picture of Naomi Zingman-DanielsLogo of Project Northern Lights
Naomi Zingman-DanielsProject Northern Lights

BigSteelBox has partnered with Project Northern Lights to aid our 2020-2021 Winter COVID Relief Initiative, providing storage in 4 locations across Canada for PPE that will be used to protect marginalized and rural communities, including thousands of community members living in difficult-to-reach areas in the north of Canada. They were one of the first logistical partners to come on board and have allowed us to increase our efforts hugely during this crucial time. Thank you BigSteelBox!

Corra GassnerKamloops Food Bank

We are so thankful for the continued help from Big Steel Box! Most recently they supplied us with sea cans for our spring food drive. This generous support helped to ensure the 70,000 pounds of food that was collected is securely stored while we work at getting it into the hands of our community. We are especially grateful during these challenging times as food security becomes a concern for more people.

Tara OliverSaskatoon Summer Players

Shoutout to BigSteelBox for partnering with us to provide storage space for all of our costumes, props, and tools! They have been an incredible organization to work with, and truly value small community based organizations like Saskatoon Summer Players. Thank you BigSteelBox!