Christine McWillis,
Thanks for Doing Some Good!

What first inspired you to volunteer?

As a young person I was actively involved in the cadet movement. This program taught me about the importance of giving time to others in order to improve our communities. I have always been eager to pitch in where I can.

Which cause are you most passionate about and why?

I am most passionate about programs that involve empowering others to improve their current life circumstances. At times, we have all been faced with important decisions that have changed our life journey. Unfortunately, too many people are faced with circumstances that, at the time, are just not manageable alone. I volunteer because I know that I can make a difference by supporting someone through this journey. My interaction with them can be the difference.

Which organization do you most commonly volunteer for?

At present, I volunteer with Volinspire as the Community Blogger. Since I am new to the community, this opportunity allows me to learn about what programs and services are available to the residents of Kelowna. I have had the opportunity to visit, interact with and write about so many amazing organizations doing great work, including: Central Okanagan Community Food Bank, Arion Therapeutic Farm, BC SPCA Kelowna Branch, Arthritis Society - Interior Region, and Hands in Service. I also volunteer as the Junior Director with the Kelowna Badminton Club and as the Team Manager for the Kelowna Minor Hockey Bantam Tier 3 team.

What does a typical volunteer shift look like for this organization?

Writing organization profiles allows me to work on my own time. This flexibility makes it easy to fit in a couple of hours per week that works for me and my family.

What impact have you seen volunteers make in the community?

Volunteers are the backbone of the not-for-profit work done in our community. Demands for services are increasing while resources are decreasing. However, as human beings, what we do not lack is our ability to give and show love to one another. It is the kind hearts of all volunteers in our community that make it an amazing place to live and work.

What is the most memorable moment or experience you've had while volunteering?

Having my children volunteer with me is perhaps the greatest gift of all. I feel that nurturing a spirit of giving amongst our children today will help our communities to prosper well into the future.

What support does your organization currently need, and how can people learn more or get involved?

I would say that all community organizations need a little bit of something. For me, volunteering is about finding the abundant gifts that are within all of us and giving a little bit of that to others.

Is there anyone else you would like to recognize that has helped support you to make a difference?

If provided the opportunity, I would recognize my friends, family and co-workers who have consistently purchased raffle tickets, made donations and accompanied me to community events to put in a shift or two.