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A Volunteer Philosophy
Every organization I have had the privilege to tour, interview and write about has talked about the importance of volunteers to the success of their organization. Every organization has a story of amazing work and often remarkable feats accomplished by volunteers. The BC SPCA has truly encompassed the partnership between volunteers and the organization in their Volunteer Philosophy Statement, "Through shared leadership, our volunteers are an extension of our organization, promoting a collaborative model of humane communities. Our volunteers are ambassadors, helping us build positive momentum for social change. Through volunteerism, we create mutually respectful relationships and together we make a difference."
In my tour of the BC SPCA Kelowna Branch, I felt the excitement about the work of their volunteers. It seemed that every room, every cage and every corner of the shelter had a story about how volunteers make a difference everyday. There was warmth, compassion and many smiles. The BC SPCA Kelowna Branch really does live their volunteer philosophy.
If you have a love for animals the BC SPCA might be a great place to give back to your community. There are a variety of animal care positions available and they go beyond dog walking! Cat and Canine Companions, a Foster Care Program, Small Animal Companions and even Barn Helpers. If you are ready to be Volinspired, check out the BC SPCA Kelowna Branch to see the variety of positions that are required.