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Calling all animal lovers! Volinspire recently welcomed the BC SPCA Kelowna Branch and the timing couldn't be better.
BC SPCA Kelowna Branch Manager Suzanne Pugh says a variety of positions are needed to support the animals in care and we have a range of animal health and welfare related volunteer roles including cat companion, canine companion, rabbit and small animal companion, and our barn volunteers. As with any business we also have a need for strong operational support and therefore have some exciting opportunities for skilled reception and administrative volunteers. For any animal shelter, building maintenance and hygiene is vital to our success and we are developing a facility maintenance support crew, to assist with building and landscape upkeep. Finally hosting successful fundraising events is critical to generating much needed operating funds, event volunteers help out with fun activities out in the community.
The organization asks for a minimum 6-month commitment from new volunteers and has approximately 5000 volunteer hours per year available within the shelter. Pugh says, "we depend on over 800 volunteer hours per month, without it we would not be able to provide the level of care we do for the animals."
With the Paws for a Cause fundraising event quickly approaching, this is a great opportunity to get involved by volunteering or fundraising for the event. No matter what you choose, it's time to be Volinspired! Get connected with the BC SPCA Kelowna Branch today.