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Pharmasave Pharmacist Paves Path For Collaborative Primary Care

Pharmasave Bashaw pharmacist, Eric Gaudet, has been a long-time and passionate advocate for primary care growth in his community.

With the primary care shortage and limited physician access in and around the rural Alberta community of Bashaw, the team at Pharmasave Bashaw felt a 'calling' to find ways to fill care gaps and ensure more of their patients get access to the care they need, when they need it, close to home.
So, when the opportunity for applications went out in late July for an inaugural "Pharmacist Training for Comprehensive Primary Care" program, the Pharmacist & Co-owner didn't waste any time applying.

"We thought it would be an amazing opportunity to gain new skills and knowledge in our effort to fill the care gaps in our community and support our patients' care goals in a meaningful way." - Eric Gaudet, Pharmacist/Co-owner, Pharmasave Bashaw

Gaudet has been selected by the Team Primary Care course facilitator to fill one of just fifteen seats in the program for all of Canada. The "Pharmacist Training for Comprehensive Primary Care" program is a project aiming to Increase the number of advanced primary care-based pharmacy leaders as clinicians and educators in Canada. By acquiring this knowledge, these skills and with a capacity to provide collaborative, comprehensive care to patients, Gaudet is putting action to his goal of expanding access to primary care for his patients and community. Pharmasave Bashaw and it's healthcare support team are well equipped to provide full service, all-inclusive, go the 'extra mile' care to their patients.

Pharmasave Bashaw - Your Healthcare Hub

Pharmasave Bashaw is a different kind of pharmacy, including a Pharmacist-led Clinic. You can count on them for local, accessible care when you need it. Their community inspires their care. They are a family-run pharmacy and they live, work and raise their own family right in Bashaw. They believe their community and patients deserve an incredible healthcare experience and that's exactly what they deliver! Offering a community pharmacy that is so much more than just a place to pick up medications and a local shop for everyday products ~ Pharmasave Bashaw is a place to easily access health information and a faithful partner in care management.
Learn more about this Bashaw community pharmacy and their local team at

Team Primary Care

Team Primary Care - Training for Transformation is a unique and timely initiative that aims to accelerate transformative change in the way primary care practitioners train to work together. To do so, it brings together an extensive network of partners to enhance the capacity of inter-professional comprehensive primary care (CPC) through improved training for practitioners, supports for teams, and tools for planners and employers.
Team Primary Care aims to prepare primary care providers to work in teams, in tandem with the health system reforms needed to adopt the delivery of more and better CPC. Ultimately, by better preparing new and existing primary care practitioners, Canadians will have better access to equitable primary care close to home. Learn more at