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Join us in celebrating the good work of Archway Community Services and their involvement in the Abbotsford Child and Youth Committee (CYC) — a network of people dedicated to healthier lives for the children, youth and families of Abbotsford. The CYC meets quarterly to discuss the community networking for children, youth and families. They provide an opportunity to connect and hear voices, address gaps in services in the community, and appreciate the indigenous learning that’s taking place.

Among their many services for people of all ages, the committee offers a Family Education Program for those with children under the age of 12. The program helps parents learn how to raise their kids in a healthy way, which includes guiding them through substance abuse issues and providing a play centre where parents have a safe, supportive space to interact with their children and talk with a counsellor.

On October 29, we presented a donation to the committee, represented by Eric Van Egmond, Director of Operations for the Ministry of Child and Family Development Abbotsford, Janice Germaine, Manager of Abbotsford and Mission Public Health Authority for Fraser Health Authority, and Shairose Jinnah, Director of Counselling, Child, Youth and Family Services for Archway Community Services.

To Archway Community Services and the Abbotsford Child and Youth Committee: we are grateful for all that you do day in and day out to improve the lives of others. Thank you for your work with families in the Abbotsford community!