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Meet Lisa & Ian Gillis. Always a huge help to our team, these two have been members of our West Kelowna team for nearly three years. They have a standing date night at our West Kelowna location, where you can find Lisa carefully sorting all meat products for our clients while Ian delivers hampers out to vehicles and directs traffic to help keep everyone organized. They are also eager helpers for our food drives and can be seen warmly greeting shoppers rain or shine!

🍎 Why is volunteering important for you?
It is important to stay connected to the community and to provide service whenever possible.

🍎 How did you get connected with the Food Bank?
We were looking for an opportunity to help others in our community while keeping active.

🍎 What do you love most about volunteering with us?
Knowing what we do makes a difference for people in need.

🍎 What is the most important trait of a volunteer?
Being kind and non-judgmental.

🍎 Why should other community members volunteer?
There is always a need because people’s circumstances can change in an instant.

Thank you to Lisa and Ian, for your dedication to the Food Bank and your teamwork that benefits our community so very much. We are thankful for you! πŸ’›πŸ§‘