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"After decades of battling an extreme drug addiction that left me working on the streets, I got clean and moved to Kelowna in search of a new beginning. Although I was sober, I still had an immense amount of work ahead of me to avoid relapsing and to heal a lifetime of pain.

Fortunately, I qualified for YMCA financial assistance and was able to become a member at H2O. My membership has helped me stay sober, manage my mental health issues, and work through significant trauma. It’s been vital to my healing.

This place is more than a gym to work out at, it empowers individuals to work on their mental health, their healing, their self-esteem, and any invisible demons they may be fighting."

We are incredibly inspired by Serena’s strength and spirit and are privileged to play a positive role in her life story.

#YIGive #YCommunity #StrongerTogether #YMCAOkanagan