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Cheers to MacKenna Jardine, the overall winner of the Coastal Community 2020 Scholarship this year. She was awarded a $2,500 scholarship for her project idea and $1,000 to implement it. MacKenna worked extremely hard on her project this summer, meeting all the added challenges due to COVID-19.

MacKenna’s idea focused on Munchkinland. This indoor/outdoor centre in Parksville is part of the BC Strong-Start program, featuring different types of learning through play and a language-enriched space for families to have fun together. In the spring and fall, children spend one day a week outside through Munchkinland’s Outdoor Program.

MacKenna saw that the outside space for this program was in need of an upgrade. She set out to paint Munchkinland’s raised flower boxes and to build a mud kitchen with an irrigation system. MacKenna put in all the hard work with help from her dad and did an amazing job. Congratulations to her for helping to build a healthier community!