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We talk a lot about how counselling has been a helpful resource for us.⠀

Our entire #1MillionCampaign is based upon it!

But the truth is ⠀

It's not for everyone.⠀

No, that cookie-cutter stereotype you see is not for you. It's not for anyone.⠀

What we don't always talk about and what we don't always see is what counselling and therapy can also include... for example: ⠀

-talk therapy⠀
-music therapy⠀
-group therapy⠀
-breath work⠀
-family counselling⠀
-CBT training⠀
-immersion therapy⠀
-support groups and forums⠀
-art therapy⠀
-play therapy⠀
-and so much more!⠀

Find the right fit, including Pearce and other local counsellors who work WITH you, by browsing The Local Counselling Card directory complete with detailed personal bios 👏🖤

👉👉 www.counsellingcard.com