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Hey thanks for signing up to Guardians of the Good on the Do Some Good App. Here is a short essay on the state we are living in. Grab a couch and enjoy.

We live in VUCA times.

VUCA is a term heard at the GLOBE conference. A place where corporate, NGO and government leaders try to save the world through business. Of the many buzz words flying around corporate sustainability; VUCA was befounding.

When the PhD of Economics and head of Royal Dutch Shell Future Scenarios Unit states, “We are heading into an era of VUCA” intrigue sets in. This proclamation happened in early February 2020, weeks before COVID 19 hit the mainstage.

So what does VUCA mean? It stands for volatile, uncertain, chaotic and ambiguous.

We live in a VUCA world. Climate Change. Pandemic. Inequality. Racism. Empires collapsing. New powers rising. Anxiety. Depression. Heartache and belly aches. The list goes on.

How can we deal with VUCA times? That is the challenge facing humanity. How can we adapt to so much change?

A state of fear is both acute and chronic in North American culture. We are shocked and triggered by so many uncertainties. Yet we can grow accustomed to the fear and numb out or avoid the VUCA.

What is the opposite of VUCA? Is it balance, certainty, peace, equanimity? When things get VUCA we immediately ask; how can we control chaos? Our out of control fears are craving certainty. Maybe a better question is how do we promote peace? Think Master Shifu in Kung Fu Panda: ‘Inner Peace’.

Peace is an internal process. A state of equanimity takes practice. It takes work to be calm, gathered, grounded, whole. One simple path is to get to know your breath. The breath is a tool you have with you everyday. You can’t forget it at home or put it on mute. Put it to work. Go inwards and calm your space so the interactions with the outer world start with stability.

Patience is also the antidote for VUCA. Patience with yourself. Patience with others. Patience with life and all it throws at you. Can you be patient with a tyrant? Can you be patient when harm is being done? The path of less harm is preferred but what if the harm can no longer happen? Enter VUCA. The status quo is more harmful than the alternative. So transitions happen and the system gets thrown into flux. How can we adjust to the flux while remaining peaceful and patient?

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