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Growing support for our community

A $500 donation from the Community Help Fund of Island Savings a division of First West Credit Union and First West Foundation is on its way to Nanaimo Community Gardens Society. Learn more about how you can help our community gardens thrive.

Tell us about your charity and how the community can help your organization

We envision our community abundant in food, and our culture and economy respectful of our dependence on the earth’s resources for survival. In this time of Covid, it is of even greater importance that our society is able to provide educational programming to help our community provide for itself. Having a healthy local food system and robust urban agriculture can help mitigate the effect of increasing food costs and decreasing availability or selection. Individuals, families and organizations can benefit from all the work that our volunteers do at our 2 community garden sites which are venues for field trips, tours and group participation. Workshops, hands-on volunteer activities and plant sales benefit our community and provide increased capacity in our residents for growing their own food and providing for their friends and families.

We value:

- broad community access to locally-grown, nutritious foods
- community food self-reliance and the preservation of biodiversity in our food plants
- growing, celebrating and sharing food together
- the sharing of knowledge, skills and resources which help people develop food self-sufficiency
- creating inclusive gardens that provide opportunities for maintaining health and healing
- the preservation of agricultural lands and the livelihoods of all people involved in getting food from seeds to our plates
- the conservation of land, water, air, soils, and ecosystems