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Congratulations to SimpleGenerosity volunteer recipient from Valley First, a division of First West Credit Union, Shayne Meechan!

Shayne started volunteering with Green Okanagan in April 2018--she led the creation and founding of the organization and now serves as the Executive Director. Shayne leads sustainable community workshops, hosts discussion nights to spark green conversation, is a member of the Okanagan Sustainability Leadership Council (not to mention, she's been asked to join others in the Okanagan!), and continues to seek opportunities for the organization to improve community sustainability further. Shayne also works with the OCCP and TOTA in communications roles for which she spreads her knowledge on ecosystems, her love of nature, and leaving only footsteps when exploring with others.

Shayne spreads Simple Generosity in our community by being a leader for environmentalism and sustainable change for the Okanagan region. Green Okanagan would not exist without Shayne and it would not be thriving as it is today without her continued efforts.