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Minnedosa and Area Food Bank continues to supply food hampers to those in need

Thanks to Heritage Co-op for your ongoing support!

Community Need:

As a result of the support from our Co-op, Minnedosa and Area Food bank has been able to increase items provided in food hampers to our clients, provide milk coupons to families and provide kid friendly breakfast packages to children for weekends when school is out.

Local Co-op Support:

The support we have received from the Co-op has come in a variety of forms. The Bags to Riches program, the Fuel Good Day proceeds, Matching dollar to dollar donations from shoppers, having ready made Hunger bags available in $10, $15 and $20 denominations for shoppers are able to grab the prepacked bags to donate. Co-op staff has also worked with us to ensure contents of the bags meet our hamper needs. Co-op also provides us with a discount on regular priced items.

How You Can Help:

We are very fortunate that our current levels of community support our sufficient that we remain able to operate. Volunteers are always welcome as we continue with our current level of service and look at ways in which we can improve this important community service!