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Saskatoon Co-op supports small community hit hard by COVID-19

#coopcares @yxecoop

Community Need:

The Colonsay and area Food Bank saw an increase in need due to Covid19. We are a small community of less than 400 people. Our local mine closed its doors and left many people looking for work. Then Covid19 happened and Colonsay and area were hit hard. We went from giving out 8 and 10 hampers once a month, to giving 16 to 20 hampers each month.

Local Co-op Support:

In December 2019, Saskatoon Coop donated $500 to the Colonsay Food Bank. This allowed us to purchase extra items like pies, fresh veggies and stocking stuffers for each hamper.
When the need for hampers nearly doubled after Covid19, Saskatoon Coop contacted us to see if they could help. Saskatoon Coop generously gave another $500.00. The generosity of the Saskatoon Coop and the Colonsay location and staff has been incredible. Investing in our community and lending a hand is a beautiful thing.

How You Can Help:

Saskatoon Coop at Colonsay has food bank bags you can purchase, or we are always looking for non perishable items.