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Thank you Scott Millard, Senior Executive Consultant at IG Wealth Management, for raising more than $1,000 to help train health care professionals for our community!

Scott signed up for Haircuts for Health Care, a fundraiser by the Okanagan College Foundation .

Haircuts for Health Care is inviting the public to open their own self-isolation salon and hand the scissors to their spouses or kids to give them a trim. People will donate in lieu of a haircut, or peer-to-peer fundraise from their network to go for a creative, new 'do.'

Every chop, snip and buzz will help raise vital funds to open the doors to a state-of-the-art new Health Sciences Centre currently under construction at the College’s Kelowna campus.

Scott let his six-year-old son give him a faux hawk. “My wife is a nurse, and knowing that we’re going to have more quality trained nurses in the valley is a good thing,” says Scott, on why he got involved. Scott also dared his brother, Brett Millard also of IG Wealth Management, who also raised more than $1,000. To learn more, visit: https://trellis.org/haircutsforhealthcare