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We're wheeling into some fun with YMCA of Okanagan! They're a recipient of a #SimpleGenerosity Neighbourhood Grant from Valley First, a division of First West Credit Union. The grant is being used to purchase scooters and a wagon for the kids at Queen's Park YMCA Child Care in Penticton! Currently they don't have any scooters or bikes that belong to the centre; everything is borrowed from the Penticton Child Care Society’s lending library. Queen’s Park YMCA Child Care centre opened in March 2019 and is providing high quality Early Learning & Care, and School-Age Care for 66 Penticton children, ages 0–12. Thank you for spreading #SimpleGenerosity in our community! Have an idea to bring your community together? Apply on Do Some Good for a grant of up to $500; http://bit.ly/2MlL26T