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A few months ago, inspired by our channel partner Interior Savings' amazing initiative $10,000 Local Give, $100 to 100 people, we decided to run a contest for participants to donate an additional $1000 to a charity of their choice from us. Do Some Good user Michele Rule won, giving an additional $1000 to Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs. The wonderful folks of the Okanagan Boys and Girls Club generously gave us a tour of the facility and we were able to see first hand the service they provide to youth right here in Kelowna. They are using the money toward Motivational Interview Training for their dedicated staff. The small act of kindness on behalf of Michele has moved them closer to that goal, and the donation has already created a ripple effect with another generous donation of $1000 from an anonymous donor. Together we can help them get the training they need - they are two thirds of the way there! - contact them if you too would like to donate!