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Located in Merritt BC where there are a lot of low income and irresponsible pet homes. For the last 15 years we have been rescuing them off the streets, out of the near by wilderness and on the sides of the highways. We bring them in, get them healthy, 9 times out of 10 they are starving, full of worms and not spayed or neutered. Our mission has always been to get them healthy, spay or neuter them and find them FUREVER loving responsible homes. We receive no help from the city and have very far from few volunteers, because we cannot afford to pay anybody for there time and service. It is a daily struggle for us help the ones under our umbrella because the calls never stop. If we receive the $1000 we have a lovely vet in Chilliwack for the past 12 year who gives us a very discounted rate on every and all procedures the animals do require and our bill is at $983.71. It has been there since July 2018 because our founder was in a head on car accident and is not able to work the hours she use to. So all funds will be going to this bill and will leave us a little bit of credit to help the next animal. Thank for your consideration.