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Hello Everyone,

We are embarking on our annual charity event and looking for some support.
This year Bellamy Homes is putting our charity resources into the Ride To Reach event in July 2018 to help raise funds for an organization called The Kelowna & District Society for People In Motion. People In Motion is an organization that provides programs and services for individuals who have a disability. People In Motion promotes accessibility and inclusion by providing healthy adaptive activities within the Okanagan community.

The goal this year for Ride to Reach is to raise $25,000 that will go towards purchasing a newer model lift equipped bus, this will allow People In Motion to help individuals who require lift equipped transportation to get "Out and About" with family and friends.
This link BELOW will take you to our pledge page where you can pledge your support. The system will automatically generate a tax deductible receipt for your contribution.
Please Help Bellamy Homes help others by getting us to our goal of 25,000.00