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Congratulations to today’s #SimpleGenerosity recipient from Island Savings a division of First West Credit Union, Sy Silverberg! He’s donating $1,500 to the Society for Kids at Tennis. Sy is the founder of the organization and their mission is to improve the physical, emotional and social well-being of children whose families’ financial circumstances limit their access to healthy sport. KATS works in partnership with over 40 community organizations and low-income neighbourhood schools and provide free tennis equipment and instruction to youth who would otherwise not have the means to learn and play. They have assembled a team of 17 tennis professionals and have trained 54 volunteers to assist the certified instructors. Children are taught using equipment appropriate for their size and nets set lower than that of an adult. Their ability to keep the ball in play, almost immediately helps to build their self-confidence, particularly for the many children who are not “natural athletes”. It is believed this growing confidence will extend to other areas of their lives as well. Since their inception just four year ago KATS has seen rapid growth and has been able to reach more than 6,000 children in the Victoria region from Sidney to Sooke.
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