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It was ALL sorts of amazing to be awarded the Social Impact Award at the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards. We set out to connect individuals and employees at Good Companies with social causes and non-profits in need to enhance the community we live in and serve. Your belief in our vision is the reason for our success and COLLECTIVELY we've logged over 863,000 volunteer hours so far. We’re here to inspire others to get involved and to champion your efforts by effectively providing third party advocacy for all the great initiatives that are happening in our community. As our vision grows we're excited to announce options for Cause Marketing initiatives and unique ways we will build out our platform to continue to collaborate and capture the stories of goodness that is happening all around us. Together we are stronger so we thank YOU, YOU who is reading this for Volinspiring us. YOU are the ambition and helping hands behind all the compounding impact we are creating. 😃