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Youth Outdoor Recreation Society

  • 131 Ellis Street
  • Penticton, British Columbia

Extra Information

We are a new not-for-profit, we were founded in the summer of 2016. In our first year of operation we raised almost $5,000 for local programs, and were awarded over $4,000 in grants to keep costs low thus maximizing funds for programs!

About us

Our Mission
The Purpose(s) Of The Society Is/Are:
To provide affordable programs for mainstream and at-risk youth in the Okanagan to participate in outdoor recreation, education and leadership activities. These activities will provide the platform (or opportunity) to help youth develop and nurture their physical, emotional and intellectual selves by enhancing their relationship and confidence in the surrounding natural environment.
To provide accessible pro-social and therapeutic recreational programming to reduce the isolation of high-risk and marginalized youth and promote community integration, relationship building, and life-skills development.
To provide therapeutic and recreational expertise that acknowledges the mind-body connection for optimal health and reinforces the value of active engagement in natural contexts for improved physical, mental, and emotional wellness.

What we believe in

The Youth Outdoor Recreation Society is a local not-for-profit that subsidizes youth programming in our local community. Y.O.R.S. aims to work with local businesses, residents, and the schools to make outdoor recreation and education accessible financially to all students in the Okanagan-Skaha School District. Through kayaking, rock climbing, hiking, biking, and camping skills, children learn incredible hard skills and develop life-changing soft skills, and every child deserves that chance.
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