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Soap for Hope (a program of Disaster Aid Canada)

  • 426 William Street
  • Victoria, British Columbia
    V9A 3Y9


About us

The Soap for Hope program provides Hygiene Kits to local shelters, transitional homes, food banks & low income seniors in many communities on Vancouver Island. We do this by working with hotels to gather their gently used amenities. Our amazing volunteers then reprocess these useable products to create Hygiene Kits. Each Kit contains a bar of soap, an individual sized bottle of shampoo, conditioner, body wash and body lotion.
Not only are we helping people, but we are also reducing our landfills from useable products. Last year we distributed over 75,000 bars of soap and 45,000 Hygiene Products.
Did you know that most shelters do not have it in their budget for hygiene products? No one should have to hope for soap.
In Victoria, over 8,600 Hygiene Kits are needed EACH month! We work from Victoria to Campbell River and are expanding by adding more hotels to our Caring Community Partner program so that we can provide much needed products to our shelters.
We are a practical solution.

What we believe in

We believe that no one should have to hope for soap! Soap keeps us clean, helps to keep us healthy by fighting bacteria/disease and adds to our sense of self. This is a practical solution to reduce our landfills, help those that need it in a cost effective way.
Causes we care about
Health & Well-being
Housing and Homelessness


Things we’re involved with in the community