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PacificSport Okanagan

  • 645 Dodd Road
  • Kelowna, British Columbia
    V1X 5H1

Extra Information

PacificSport Okanagan is a regional sport centre, based in Kelowna, that supports increased sport participation and improved sport performance throughout the Okanagan. The not-for-profit Society is committed to developing sport at all levels by integrating athlete services, coaching education and physical literacy opportunities.

About us

PacificSport Regional Sport Centre Okanagan Society is a regional sport centre that educates, inspires and engages communities in the sport pathway, from the playground to the podium. The not-for-profit Society is based in Kelowna and is connected to a network of five PacificSport centres and three national campuses (Canadian Sport Institute) across the province. The Okanagan Regional Sport Centre has developed a variety of programs and services to support Okanagan based sport initiatives at all stages of the Canadian Sport for Life continuum.
In Kelowna, PacificSport works as a partner within the City of Kelowna to provide sport development opportunities and programs for the local sport community. Together, we strive to provide purposeful program delivery that “empowers our communities to play, participate and perform at their best, through sport”.

What we believe in

PacificSport Okanagan empowers our communities to play, participate and perform at their best, through sport.
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    Philanthropy and Capacity Building
    Youth Development
    Sports and Recreation