Okanagan Fruit Tree Project Society

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  • Kelowna, British Columbia
    V1Y 9N9

About us

The Okanagan Fruit Tree Project (OFTP) strives to cultivate a food secure community through the collection and redistribution of local food. It achieves this vision through its mission to turn backyard fruit trees and also orchards, vegetable gardens, farm plots, and nut trees into a valuable source of food for the community by harvesting otherwise wasted produce. Harvested produce is shared among the tree owners, volunteers, and local social service agencies to help alleviate poverty and hunger in the community. The Okanagan Fruit Tree Project’s mandate is to increase the availability of fresh and nutritious produce for those in need, reduce food waste, and promote local food security and volunteerism. Above all, the OFTP strives to provide opportunities for members of the community to access food with dignity by actively engaging citizens in procuring food for themselves and their families to increase their sense of self-efficacy and pride.

What we believe in

We believe in providing opportunities for community members to connect around local food production, dignified access to food for those who are experiencing food insecurity, reducing food waste and promoting environmental stewarship.

We work with the following Organizations

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    437 hours


    Causes we care about

    Food & Nutrition
    Health & Well-being

    Positions and Events

    Upcoming events that you can get involved with by applying for a volunteer position

    Harvest Leader

    Flexible, Available as of Aug 19th, 2017, 1am
    A few hours of time feeds dozens of individuals throughout the community!
    Food & Nutrition
    Health & Well-being