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Logo of Mission Hospice Society
Mission Hospice Society
We are a non-profit, volunteer-based organization offering a wide range of programs and services, supporting families and loved ones through end of life compassionate care.
Our ...
32180 Hillcrest Ave
Mission, British Columbia
V2V 1L2
Causes we care about

  • Mental Health

  • Social Services

  • Youth Development

Businesses whose employees volunteer with us
Social Mission
We believe in supporting ALL end of life care and providing Bereavement support to children and adults.
The benefits of our Bereavement programs are far reaching, both economically and socially. Resources spent on the initial stages of a child’s grief and adults grief mitigate the long term costs of not addressing the often profound grief that manifests in behavior that can be costly to the child and adult, the school system and the community.
Businesses that we work with
Black Press Media
Prospera Credit Union
G&F Financial Group
Envision Financial, a division of First West Credit Union
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Stories of our community involvement
Picture of Sean Melia

Sean Melia, Thanks for Doing Some Good!

What inspires you to volunteer?

I am inspired to volunteer simply because I want to help organizations and individuals in caring for each other and those around them. To play a part in sustaining the worthwhile and needed services for those who utilize them is very important to me. I want to help make a difference for as many people and organizations as possible.

Which cause(s) are you most passionate about and why?

At present I am helping Junior Achievement (volunteer instructor), the Mission Hospice Society (Board member/Treasurer), Rotary Club of Mission Mid Day (Treasurer), Mission Regional Chamber of Commerce (Past President, Treasurer and current Board member). My interests are varied and I help where I can. The Mission Hospice Society and Junior Achievement (JA British Columbia) are very important to me. I have input into the direction of support for people who are in the final stages of life and need the comfort and tremendous care that the Hospice provides. I also help to address an area that is not being effectively covered in schools by instructing students on all aspects of money, finance, saving and planning. I also have a passion for health and fitness and volunteer with several clubs.

What impact have you seen the organization(s) you work with, and their volunteers, make in the community?

All the organizations make a positive impact some are one on one as in Big Brother Big Sisters while others reach many people such as Junior Achievement and the Hospice Society. In all organizations the needs are many and the help is invaluable. That help ranges from being able to direct one life toward a positive path or increase care and comfort for an individual while providing serve and support to many others around that person. Positive input, support and caring always make a difference.

What support is needed by the organization(s) and how can people learn more or get involved?

The biggest area of support is for volunteers. Money is always a need but it is generally available though generous donations of some and for government grant/support. Without boots on the ground most programs don't last or don't have the extensive impact that is first envisioned. As a volunteer and board member I have seen first hand the challenge to maintain direction or to providing support for those in need of the service, program or instruction. People should consider how they give back in their personal lives. The more we share and care about others the more we are exposed to personal growth and happiness. Seek out an organization, group or club in an area of service that appeals to you and get involved! Your help is always needed and your personal development will follow.

Is there a person, organization or caring company (e.g. employer) you would like to recognize that has helped support you to make a difference?

I have encountered numerous caring and giving people along the way who always inspire me to be involved. Prospera Credit Union also allows me the opportunity to be a part of the community I serve.
Vote now for Mission Hospice Society by selecting an emoji below! Winning the $50,000 SimpleGenerosity grant from Envision Financial, a division of First West Credit Union will help Mission Hospice Society expand its programs to help children understand they are not alone with their loss, and to provide support and care in a non-judgemental environment for them to process their grief. When children suffer a loss, it is normal to feel different and alone; our programming addresses this by bringing children together and building positive and lasting relationships and memories together. As children who are grieving typically fall through the cracks of typical and available programming through school counsellors and local mental health facilities, expanding these programs is paramount to the healthy development of our grieving child and youth population. Thank you for helping us celebrate Canada150 and strengthening our communities with SimpleGenerosity!
32180 Hillcrest Ave
Mission, British Columbia
V2V 1L2
Causes we care about

  • Mental Health

  • Social Services

  • Youth Development

Businesses whose employees volunteer with us