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Launch Community Development Foundation

  • Kelowna, British Columbia

Extra Information

Empowerment: We create opportunities for our participants to gain control of their lives, become more confident and embrace their dignity.
Collaboration: People are important to us. We strive to collaborate and build strong partnerships.
Education: We believe that engaged learning is key to personal and community transformation.
Transparency: We believe in the clear disclosure of our polices, practices and fiduciary standards and are accountable to our participants, volunteers, funders

About us

Launch Community Development Foundation (Launch Kelowna) provides strength-based financial education and mentorship in a small class setting. Trained Launch volunteers guide participants through classes sharing information so that participants can increase their skills, knowledge, ability and confidence to make effective decisions about their personal finances. Each of our programs begins with a discussion of assets. Focusing not only on financial assets but the personal and business connections, community resources, skills and abilities that we each draw on as we navigate through life.
Discussing personal finances can often make people feel uncomfortable, or judged for their decisions. By focusing on the whole person, and recognizing the unique skills and abilities we each have we build relationships of trust which lead to more impactful conversations with each participant.

What we believe in

We believe in communities that foster people's inherent strengths and creates opportunities for financial empowerment.
We work with the following Businesses and Organizations
  • Employees from these businesses volunteer with us:

  • Causes we care about
    Financial Literacy
    The effect volunteers can make

    2 Hours Volunteered = 12 Participants educated

    Positions and Events
    Volunteer Educator

    Flexible, Available as of Dec 7th, 2018, 9pm
    An opportunity to support individuals in our community through financial education, mentorship and collaboration.
    Financial Literacy


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