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Current Volunteer Opportunities

Consider volunteering for one of the available volunteer positions Ki-Low-Na Friendship Society is organizing in support of our local community.

Logo of Volunteer Events Assistant
Volunteer Events AssistantKi-Low-Na Friendship Society, KelownaFlexible schedule
help support KFS in hosting it's many community engagement events
0 / 1 spots filled
Logo of Grant Application Volunteers
Grant Application VolunteersKelownaFlexible schedule
helping KFS staff find, research, and apply to grant programs to support our valuable services and programs
2 / 5 spots filled
Logo of Community Outreach Breakfast Volunteer
Community Outreach Breakfast VolunteerKi-Low-Na Friendship Society, KelownaFlexible schedule
helping to provide a hot breakfast available to all community members in need
1 / 10 spots filled
Logo of Computer Lab Monitor
Computer Lab MonitorKi-Low-Na Friendship Society, KelownaFlexible schedule
helping KFS provide clients with access to computers to look for housing, work, community services, and social media.
0 / 6 spots filled