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Logo of H.O.P.E. Okanagan
H.O.P.E. Okanagan
H.O.P.E. is the nighttime outreach for homeless and exploited women in the Kelowna area, specifically in the downtown core. There are very limited resources in the Okanagan for ...
Extra information
HOPE is low time commitment, but makes a huge impact on women's lives. You can take a shift once a week or once every 3 months. It's only 1-2h evenings and weekends and a great chance to make a one-on-one impact with the women in our community who are in need.
Kelowna, British Columbia
Causes we care about

  • Gender Issues

  • Housing and Homelessness

  • Social Services

Businesses whose employees volunteer with us
Social Mission
H.O.P.E is a caring, trained volunteer group committed to helping women enhance their current and future existence. Our objective is to help women realize their own dreams of living a safe and healthy life.
We are a growing organization that provides night time outreach to homeless and/or sexually exploited women in Kelowna & Vernon B.C.'s downtown core. We have a wide variety of volunteers ranging from students to business professionals to experiential recovered women.
Businesses and organizations that we work with
Kelowna Capital News
The Save Kindness Society
Central Okanagan Community Food Bank
Stories of our community involvement
Real Property Management Executives was proud to attend the Hope in Her Eyes fundraising gala on Friday to celebrate International Women’s Day...a moving and meaningful collaboration between H.O.P.E. Okanagan and Her International. This powerful partnership is saving the lives and igniting the spirits of women not only on the streets of Kelowna, but also in the impoverished communities of Nepal. It is truly humbling to be in the presence of humans who give so much of themselves to evoke change. Thank you Her international and HOPE for not only making the world a better place to be, but also for inspiring us to ask ourselves what we can do to be make a difference, too.
This UBC Okanagan team braved the cold and helped H.O.P.E. Okanagan sort clothing yesterday. HOPE Outreach is in need of womens (and mens) gloves and any warm winter clothing. Drop off at our office if you have some to spare: 202 -1456 St. Paul St., Kelowna or contact them directly at Thanks to UBC Community Service Learning Program (Okanagan) for your support! Another Pushor Mitchell United Way Day of Caring!!
#UBCO #students #giveback #volunteer #locallove #unitedway #dayofcaringcso
Pihl Law Corporation has a program that allows staff to dress casually on Fridays if they donate a dollar to a fund that gets distributed to different charities based on employee votes. This fund got a little boost through our GivingTuesday campaign in 2017 and we were able to raise a total of $3,393! Employees have voted to distribute this fund equally between Inn From the Cold - Kelowna , H.O.P.E. Okanagan, and Kelowna Women's Shelter! What a fun way to support the causes our employees are passionate about!
I work as a community Palliative nurse.
I also volunteer for HOPE outreach - H.O.P.E. Okanagan
I have a 18 year old daughter.
When I see our homeless youth and adults so vulnerable,living on the streets, I just have to do something to help.
There's the well known saying..." it takes a village to raise a child"
I like to say " it takes a village to help and support our most vulnerable brother and sisters in our community"
Every month, Volinspire gives away a $250 charitable gift card for the most popular Volunteer Spotlight posted on our site. For the month of November we would like to congratulate Kelly Taverner for having the most impactful story. For anyone who missed it, you can read Kelly's inspiring story about her work with H.O.P.E. Okanagan here:
#Volinspired oranj fitness
Picture of Kelly Taverner

Kelly Taverner, Thanks for Doing Some Good!

What first inspired you to volunteer?

When I was enrolled in my management degree at UBCO - University of British Columbia Okanagan Campus, I was very involved with on-campus extra curricular activities. In my second year, I got involved with the '5 Days for the Homeless' campaign. This experience opened my eyes to the homelessness problem in my community.

Which cause are you most passionate about and why?

I am most passionate about my work with the homeless and exploited women and girls in my community. I believe that a community is only as strong as its weakest member and that it is our duty to come together and support our most vulnerable community members.

Which organization do you most commonly volunteer for?

I do most of my volunteer work with H.O.P.E. Okanagan.

What does a typical volunteer shift look like for this organization?

A street outreach shift is approximately 1.5 - 2 hours in length. Teams of 2 or 3 women gather at the meeting spot at dusk with their supply bags of water, jackets, gloves, socks, dental, feminine, and general hygiene supplies, chocolate, and many other goodies and walk the H.O.P.E. route downtown. We interact with anywhere from 5-20 girls a night, giving them supplies, directing them to other community resources, driving them to shelters, educating them about harm reduction, taking any reports, and of course supporting them on a personal and emotional level. We have built connections with these girls and do our best to love, support, and empower them.

What impact have you seen volunteers make in the community?

Volunteers are the core of a community. The community would not function without the love and generosity of people working together to help one another.

What is the most memorable moment or experience you've had while volunteering?

Building connections with women and young girls on the street and being a part of their recovery.

What support does your organization currently need, and how can people learn more or get involved?

H.O.P.E. Okanagan is trying to re-open our safe house for women. There is a massive shortage of housing in our community, particularly for women. To donate and learn more, visit:

Is there anyone else you would like to recognize that has helped support you to make a difference?

I want to give a huge thank-you to oranj fitness for always supporting my work with H.O.P.E. They have helped collect jackets and clothes, funds, and donated smoothies for us to give out in the summer! I am so blessed to have an employer that supports me the way oranj does.
Kelowna, British Columbia
Causes we care about

  • Gender Issues

  • Housing and Homelessness

  • Social Services

Businesses whose employees volunteer with us