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Hope for the Nations/Living Waters Secondary School Project

  • 100-215 Lawrence Ave
  • Kelowna, British Columbia

Extra Information

The Secondary School is currently under construction but funds are still needed for school equipment, books and student sponsorships. For more info contact us at livingwaterstanzania@gmail.com


About us

Currently fundraising the building of a Secondary School in Mwanza, Tanzania, we are a project of Hope for the Nations, a Canadian charity based in Kelowna, BC with a worldwide mandate for helping Children at Risk. This project will see a 480-student high school built where even the poorest children can attend thanks to the sponsorship of Canadian donors. The building project will provide a much-needed secondary school in a location where public schools are vastly overcrowded, underfunded and too expensive for most families to utilize. Students at this school will receive an excellent education alongside vocational /entrepreneurship training to equip them in finding or creating jobs for themselves and others. Lack of education is the root of a crippled economy struggling to rise out of poverty and this school will inspire the change that is needed.

What we believe in

In conflict, famine, and poverty, children are the vulnerable ones who suffer most. The world is home to more than 1.2 billion “at-risk” children. We believe that they deserve a better way to live. These children are at the heart of Hope for the Nations.
Causes we care about
Health & Well-being
Positions and Events
Project Champion

Flexible, Available as of May 25th, 2016, 9pm
To use your talents toward building a secondary school in Tanzania, raising awareness and funds in your own way
Youth Development


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