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Heart and Stroke Foundation

  • 4 - 1551 Sutherland Ave
  • Kelowna, British Columbia
    V1W 4Y8

About us

The Heart and Stroke Foundation is one of Canada’s largest and most effective health charities. The Foundation’s health promotion and advocacy programs across the country are saving lives every day. Working together, our employees, volunteers, donors and world-class researchers have made the Heart and Stroke Foundation what we are today: Canada’s most widely recognized and trusted authority on cardiovascular health. Our mission is to create healthy lives free of heart disease and stroke. Together, we will make it happen.

What we believe in

Our mission is to prevent disease, save lives and promote recovery.
We work with the following Businesses
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  • Causes we care about
    Disease and Medical Research
    The effect volunteers can make

    1 Hour Volunteered = 1 Person actively supporting healthy living


    Things we’re involved with in the community